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STEM Shows

Brain STEM birthdays are all about fun! We include a mix of exciting demos and fun activities. Each party is an hour long and the guest list can hold up to 15 participants.

We travel throughout Southern Arizona. The formula for our mileage for travel outside of Tucson can be calculated using the IRS Standard Mileage rate x the roundtrip mileage from our location to yours.

Party Themes

Chemistry's Mysteries

Guests at this awesome party will see the chemistry behind "magic", witness light emitting from a chemical reaction, observe how different fuels affect their flames, and explore how hydrogen bonds create surface tension in bubbles.

Celebrate your child's next birthday with educational flare . . . and chemistry!

Party Breakdown/Activities

  • Intro and Safety Rules
  • Clear Colors: "Magic" Trick
  • Chemiluminescence: the emission of light from a chemical reaction
  • Making Fluff Stuff
  • Super Bubbles: an exploration of surface tension
  • Indoor Fireworks: introducing a "fire jelly" to various fuels that alter the flame's attributes.

Setup Needs

  • 6-8' table for presenter's use
  • Workspace for the kids
  • Preference: dimmable lights/dark room for chemiluminescence
  • Space for bubbles (suggested outdoors)

Suggested Add-ons

  • Dry Ice Potions
  • Cotton Candy
  • Foam Eruption

Party Add-Ons

Each add-on will add 10-15 minutes to the duration of the party.

Cotton Candy

Cones of cotton candy for everyone! All you can eat for 15 minutes.

Dry Ice Potions

"Smoke" on the water & fog bubbles.

Foam Eruption

A chemical reaction that erupts up to 10' high, space permitting.

Rocket Launch

Model rocket + B6-4 engine = Flight that reaches as high as 1100'


Our slime ingredients are made in-house using pure PVA which allows the kids to mix the polymer and cross-linking agent to their preferred consistency.

Add-on Pricing

$25 for 1

$45 for 2

$60 for 3

$85 for 4