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STEM Birthdays

1 Hour


Starting at $200

Add-ons Available: $25+

Booking Request Form

Our booking form is just beneath this menuConfirm use the form beneath the menu below at your convenience to book our STEM-themed birthdays. Alternatively, you may call our friendly office staff and we'll collect your booking details over the phone.


Party Pricing Options

Guestlist 15: $200

Up to 15 participants including the birthday child.

Guestlist 20: $260

Up to 20 participants including the birthday child.

We travel . . .

...throughout Southern Arizona. The formula for our mileage for travel outside of Tucson can be calculated using the IRS Standard Mileage rate x the roundtrip mileage from our location to yours.

Party Add-Ons

Each add-on will add 10-15 minutes to the duration of the party.

Cotton Candy

Cones of cotton candy for everyone! All you can eat for 15 minutes.

Dry Ice Potions

"Smoke" on the water & fog bubbles.

Foam Eruption

A chemical reaction that erupts up to 10' high, space permitting.

Rocket Launch

Model rocket + B6-4 engine = Flight that reaches as high as 1100'


Our slime ingredients are made in-house using pure PVA which allows the kids to mix the polymer and cross-linking agent to their preferred consistency.

Add-on Pricing

$25 for 1

$45 for 2

$60 for 3

$85 for 4

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