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STEM Booths

2 Hours



Additional Hour(s): $75

What is it?

Brain STEM booths are designed for large audiences that cycle through our table for a 5-15 minutes activity. These are great for family events like fall festivals, science nights, science fairs, and special events like SARSEF Fair, Tucson Meet Yourself, Festival of Books, etc . . .

Efficiency Discounts

Efficiency is important to us and we reward it. Booking 2 or more booths for the same calendar day will qualify you for discounts starting at $50/off.

Range and Travel Fees

We travel throughout Southern Arizona. The formula for our mileage for travel outside of Tucson can be calculated by multiplying the IRS Standard Mileage rate(2019: 58¢/mile) by the roundtrip mileage from our location to yours.

Check out our current booth options below. Our booth rate includes the first 2 hours and additional hours may be added at a discounted rate of $75/hour, unless otherwise noted.

Booth Themes

Light & Illusions

We depend on light to see and our brains to translate what we see. This booth explores how our eyes receive light and some of the tricky ways our brains translate that information when it comes to optical illusions. Sometimes we rely on our brains to work with our eyes to fill in the gaps without even knowing it! Our friendly disappearing ninja monkeys will help us illustrate by disappearing into our blindspot to show us where it is.

Setup Requirements

  • Indoors or Night
  • 1 Table
  • 1 Electrical Outlet


Let's make some slime! We'll learn about the relationship between polymers and cross-linkers using our 2 primary, non-toxic, ingredients + food coloring for color. Each of our guests can make their own cup of slime and take it home. It's short and sweet, and one of our most popular booths.

Setup Requirements

  • 1 Table


Some strange fluids behave differently than "normal" fluids. These non-Newtonian fluids react to force! This booth highlights a fluid that is oozy-goozy when at rest and responds like a solid when met with force.

This booth is full-on hands-on! It can be a little messy and we suggest placing us near a sink for the kids to wash up when they're done experimenting.

On-site Setup Requirements

  • 1 Table


  • Tile Floor or Outside
    (we bring plastic for the floor as a backup)

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