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STEM Clubs

1 Hour



Starting at $12/class

What is it?

Brain STEM clubs encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving through hands-on educational experiences. We use informal learning to create lasting impressions as we do what we can to help grow kids into lifelong learners. The activities in our after-school science clubs reinforce the process of learning and growing our minds in ways that can be fun and interactive. Our students play, think, and learn as they explore a new topic each week with unique in-class builds and experiments.

Where is it?

We travel to your school! Schools and other organizations are kind enough to share their space with us so we can show kids really cool, hands-on science activities. It's as awesome as it sounds and, if you're interested, you can apply right here on this very website!

Upcoming STEM Clubs Schedule


Clubs typically run one day per week in line with the school's calendar, skipping holidays and half-days accordingly.

Class Sizes

Class sizes are limited. We cap the roster at 25 students. This limitation helps create a better learning atmosphere for the kids.

AZDPS Fingerprint Clearance Cards

Every Brain STEM instructor has a valid level-one fingerprint clearance card, issued by Arizona's Department of Public Safety.

Employment Opportunities