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STEM Shows

1 Hour



What is it?

Brain STEM shows are a little silly and a lot of fun! We mix education with entertainment to explore the world around us. This style of informal learning compliments the formal classroom setting and helps plant seeds at a young age and grow lifelong learners in our community. Each show lasts an hour and comes with a 100% fun-filled guarantee.

Efficiency Discounts

Efficiency is important to us and we reward it. Booking 2 or more shows for the same calendar day will qualify you for discounts starting at $50/off.

Range and Travel Fees

We travel throughout Southern Arizona. The formula for our mileage for travel outside of Tucson can be calculated using the IRS Standard Mileage rate x the roundtrip mileage from our location to yours.

Show Themes

Dry Ice Experience

We put CO2 on display in ways that many have never seen before. The audience will get their hands on dry ice bubbles! This show also includes poor man's liquid nitrogen, and our industrial fog machine.


  • CO2 Bubbles!
  • Mr. Spoon & the Farting Hammer
  • Poor Man's "Liquid Nitrogen"
  • Vortex Cannon

Setup Requirements

  • 1 Table
  • 1 Electrical Outlet
  • 1 Water Source On-Site (Hot Water Preferred)


(formerly STEM Chem)

STEMistry features exciting chemistry-based experiments including marshmallow rocket fuel, chemiluminescence, and a fire tornado! Spend an hour with us and we'll explore the chemical world we all live in together.


  • Chemiluminescence
  • Clear Colors
  • Crystal Pepsi
  • Fire Jelly
  • Glow Slime
  • Marshmallow Rocket Fuel

Setup Requirements

  • 1 Table

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