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STEM Sponsorship Opportunities

Give Cash

What we do with your money . . .

Money gifted to Brain STEM may be designated for your preferred school, community center, or other organization in the form of a sponsorship. You may also choose to pay for a random child to participate in the form of an individual club scholarship.

Gifts given to the general fund will go toward programming for individual scholarships in underserved communities.

Do I get a tax deduction?

Gifts made to Brain STEM are not currently tax deductible. Look for this to change in the future!

How do I give?

Select the type of programming you would like to gift to the community below. You'll be taken to a request form. Fill out as many details as you can at this time or just give us a call! If you only have a few dollars to give or you aren't sure where to direct a larger gift, please feel free to give cash and we will direct your gift to an underserved neighborhood in the community.

Employment Opportunities