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STEM Workshops

Brain STEM clubs teach students creative & critical thinking and problem-solving skills, through hands-on experience. We believe in active learning. In our after-school clubs, students will play, think, and learn as they explore a new topic each week with unique in-class builds and experiments.

Clubs run one day per week. We attempt to schedule all classes in line with the host school's calendar, skipping holidays and half-days accordingly.

Class sizes are limited to 25 students. This limitation helps create a better learning atmosphere for the kids. Our standard minimum class size is 12 students.

AZ DPS Fingerprint Clearance Cards

Every Brain STEM instructor has a valid level-one fingerprint clearance card, issued by Arizona's Department of Public Safety.

STEM Themes



  • Air Pressure
  • Currents & Flow
  • Gravity & Air Resistance
  • Hot Air
  • Lift & Glide
  • Thrust & Propulsion

Heart, Lungs, & Senses


  • The Brain & Nervous System
  • The Ear & Sound
  • The Eye
  • The Heart & Circulation
  • Respiration & Lung Capacity
  • The Skin & Touch

Science Lab


  • Acids & Bases
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Dynamic Fluids
  • Slime Lab
  • Solutes & Solvents
  • Surface Tension

Earth Science


  • "Bugs"
  • Biomes & Ecosystems
  • Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Surviving Nature
  • Weather



  • Chemical Engineering
  • Heat
  • Magnets in Engineering
  • Science of Bridges
  • Simple & Complex Machines
  • Strength of Shapes